Oden Mapping Data

Agave 2007

Here are gridded multibeam data for the AGAVE 2007 expedition available. All data are provided in north polar stereographic projection at true scale 75°N and WGS84.


Please cite the following article when using these data.

  • Sohn, R.A., Willis, C., Humphris, S., Shank, T., Singh, H., Edmonds, H.N., Kunz, C., Hedman, U., Helmke, E., Jakuba, M., Liljebladh, B., Linder, J., Murphy, C., Nakamura, K.-i., Sato, T., Schlindwein, V., Stranne, C., Tausenfreund, M., Upchurch, L., Winsor, P., Jakobsson, M., Soule, A., 2008. Explosive volcanism on the ultraslow-spreading Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean. Nature 453, 1236-1238.


In the list below links to data files are provided for the corresponding fieldsheets. The multibeam data are available in various formats: netCDF files, Fledermaus SD object files and ArcView ASCII files. The data is provided in polar stereographic projection as well as in latitude-longitude.

Further information

Further information about the cruise and the sonar instruments may be obtained at the following links.