Oden Mapping Data

Agave 2007

Here are gridded multibeam data for the AGAVE 2007 expedition available. All data are provided in north polar stereographic projection at true scale 75N and WGS84.

Please cite the article below the table when using these data.

In the list below links to data files are provided for the corresponding fieldsheets. The multibeam data are available in various formats: netCDF files, Fledermaus SD object files and ArcView ASCII files. The data is provided in polar stereographic projection as well as in latitude-longitude.

Please cite the following article when using these data.

  • Sohn, R.A., Willis, C., Humphris, S., Shank, T., Singh, H., Edmonds, H.N., Kunz, C., Hedman, U., Helmke, E., Jakuba, M., Liljebladh, B., Linder, J., Murphy, C., Nakamura, K.-i., Sato, T., Schlindwein, V., Stranne, C., Tausenfreund, M., Upchurch, L., Winsor, P., Jakobsson, M., Soule, A., 2008. Explosive volcanism on the ultraslow-spreading Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean. Nature 453, 1236-1238.

Further information about the cruise and the sonar instruments may be obtained at the following links.